Virtually Anyone.

We Preach the Gospel

Each week, Matthew 10 International preaches the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to thousands of previously unreached individuals across the globe via Virtual Gospel Crusades. At these events, we provide new believers with bibles in their own languages and offer opportunities to connect with ministry leaders that help them grow in their newfound faith.

We Teach the Gospel

By activating and equipping vetted ministry leaders in global communities, Matthew 10 International is able to teach the principles of the Gospel and the practices of discipleship to developing ministry leaders and new believers from our Virtual Gospel Crusades. 

We Live the Gospel

Meeting a person’s greatest need is the best way to live out the Gospel on a daily basis. Matthew 10 International is blessed with the ability and passion to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of people through church planting, digging water wells, supporting orphans and widows, and running programs like our very own “Operation Ezekiel 37” – which impacts the spiritual and health needs of our U.S. Veterans. 

Join us in the Harvest →

The Word of God encourages us to give as freely as we have received the blessing of The Gospel. We would be honored for you to “jump into the river” of The Lord with us here at Matthew 10 International with your prayer, your giving, and your gifts. As the body of Christ, we are most effective for the Kingdom when we work together to achieve what the Lord has set before us as believers: to go and preach that “the Kingdom of Heaven is near.”

Who We Are

Matthew 10 International is a global, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization partnering with local ministry teams to bring the Gospel Message of Jesus to unreached people groups in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and to U.S. Veterans – right here at home. And we need you with us.

Join Us in Making
a Global Impact

During the pandemic, most international evangelism came to a screeching halt – but not for Matthew 10. The number of souls that have been reconciled to Christ continues to increase with every passing day. Here are just some of the impact numbers from our last 18 months of ministry:

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Bibles Given
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Heard the Gospel
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Virtual Crusades
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New Leaders Trained
I'm so thankful for all of the donors, intercessors, and team members who make it possible to bring The Gospel to so many people around the world. It is such an incredible gift to me, personally, and even more so for those who have been saved because of it!
Pete Sulack, Evangelist
Dr. Pete Sulack
Founder of Matthew 10 International