As a child of the Living God,

You have Worth. Value. Identity. Purpose. Destiny.

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Matthew 10

The mission of the Matthew 10 International team is to expose the worth, value, and identity of every person they encounter.

The Lost

Through the spiritual gift of evangelism and the power of the Gospel Message of Jesus, it is the hope of Matthew 10 International to see the world washed in the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Orphans

Supporting orphans around the world through ministry partners, Matthew 10 International hopes to make an impact in the lives of those children without an earthly father.

The Ministers

Through the encouragement, empowerment and partnership of and with community leaders around the world, Matthew 10 International supports the shepherds of the communities where they preach the Gospel.

The Widows

Caring for the women who have been left in the care and responsibility of fellow believers to provide food, shelter, and guidance in the absence of their spouses.

Current Missions

Matthew 10 International is a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, through many different avenues.

Virtual Crusades

Through partnership with local ministries and the use of modern technology, our team has been able to host over 113+ Gospel Celebrations since the beginning of the global pandemic. Using simple tools, our team has been able to overcome travel bans, social distancing requirements, and more to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with over 35K+ people, worldwide.

Supporting Veterans

In light of recent statistics, Matthew 10 has started a new outreach initiative called "Operation Ezekiel 37" that focuses on addressing the physical and spiritual symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). This program offers veterans of the United States Military a special EZ37 Box that includes an all-natural supplement known for its restorative effects on the nervous system, a bible, and an opportunity to address their trauma with a certified Trauma Resiliency Coach.

Supporting Communities

None of the things that we accomplish at Matthew 10 International would be possible without the immense help of our local church leaders and ministry partners. We have seen first-hand the amazing ways that the Lord has used his followers to expand the Kingdom through the Gospel, care for the sick and weary, and more - so we do everything in our power to encourage, empower, and support to developing leaders of the faith.

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What's New :

Virtual Gospel Celebrations

Amidst travel bans, lockdowns, and global discouragement of social interaction throughout 2020, our team found themselves seeking the Lord for unique ways to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. In the Summer of 2020, the Matthew 10 International team began making connections with local leaders of the faith across the world to host what we call “Virtual Gospel Celebrations” and “Virtual Crusades,” across the globe.

Through the use of modern video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype, our team has been given the opportunity to continue sharing the Gospel message to individuals all over the world. In the last 6 to 8 months alone, Matthew 10 International has witnessed 35,000+ respond in salvation to Jesus Christ and profess Him as Lord!

At each “Virtual Crusade,” new believers are given a bible and provided resources about taking the first steps with Jesus. We know that the journey with Jesus doesn’t end at the moment of salvation – so we continue to empower our trusted community leaders to help new believers walk out their new identity in Christ.

Where In The World?

Our virtual crusades have begun to take place all over the world. We have been in 5+ countries, countless villages, and have seen thousands come to Christ in the last year alone! We are so excited to see how the Lord continues to use these events to expand His Kingdom.

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