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Dr. Pete Sulack

As founder of one of the fastest growing chiropractic clinics in the nation, Dr. Pete Sulack certainly has a passion to see people healthy and whole in their bodies.  But that’s not his main passion in life.

“My greatest joy, the reason I get up every morning, is to see people connect personally to the life-changing power of the Lord Jesus Christ,” explains Dr. Pete, as he’s known to his friends and associates.  Not only does Dr. Pete carry a strong burden to tell the world about salvation, healing, and deliverance through Christ, he has a personal vision to see 1 Billion people come to faith in Christ over his lifetime.

Born into a godly and loving home, Dr. Pete grew up in church and gave his life to Christ at a young age. But while he loved the Lord and deeply desired to serve Him, throughout his formative years he realized that something important was missing from his relationship with Christ. “I did all the things that Christians do to cultivate intimacy with God,” he recalls. “I prayed and read my Bible regularly, I was involved in my church, and to the best of my ability I shared my faith with others. But there was still a void in my closeness to God that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.”

After graduating from Bethel University in Minnesota, where he met and married his wife Stephanie, Dr. Pete continued on to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, graduating in 2001 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Little did he know that God was also subtly preparing him to serve Him in a way that he would have never thought possible.

On April 1, 2002, the day Dr. Pete opened his first chiropractic clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee, someone called to congratulate him, leaving a message on his voice mail that would literally change his life. “This person concluded his message to me by praying with an intense passion for God that I had absolutely never witnessed before,” Dr. Pete recalls. “I was blown away, and I knew deep in my heart that whatever it was that inspired this individual to pray with such faith was something I really needed.” That “something” lacking in Dr. Pete’s experience was a life fully devoted to serving God by placing faith in His power and authority alone.

One afternoon two years later, a fellow chiropractor from Indiana prayed over the phone for him. “I went home that night overflowing with the joy and intensity of God’s presence in my life,” he recalls, “and the next morning I awoke to begin praying like I never had before.” That spiritual abundance and power of God impacted every facet of Dr. Pete’s life, including his chiropractic practice. “As I delved into God’s Word and into prayer, God began to put things in my heart about what He wanted to accomplish through me,” he explains. “I realized that in my clinic I wasn’t confined only to helping people physically. I could use my practice to guide others to Jesus Christ.” As Dr. Pete stepped out in this newly discovered ministry, lives began to be impacted through the ministry of the Gospel.

It was at this time that God also began to speak strongly to Dr. Pete about taking the message of salvation through Christ beyond his community and to the world. During a short-term mission trip to Tanzania in 2004, Dr. Pete felt a strong urging in his heart to reach 1 billion people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. “I wanted that,” he says, “and over the next year and a half I gave myself to fasting, prayer, and seeking God, preparing for the time when He would release me into the great harvest He had promised.”

In late 2006, Dr. Pete traveled for his first outreach to the Hindu city of Rajamundry, India, where he shared the Gospel with a team of others, and they witnessed multitudes of people put their faith in Jesus’ message of salvation.

“We followed that up with a four-day outreach in Kurnool, India, where we were told we could expect a maximum crowd of 50,000 people by the final night,” recalls Dr. Pete. “Instead, we had over 50,000 people attend the first night of the festival, and by the fourth night over 130,000 people overflowed the festival site, hungry to hear the message of salvation and deliverance through Jesus Christ. We were told later that well over 20 percent of the city’s population of 600,000 had given their lives to Christ during that outreach.”

​That was the beginning of Matthew 10 International Ministries. With the partnership of Manna Ministries, one of the most established and fruitful Gospel efforts in India, Dr. Pete travels regularly to India to hold outreach festivals, oversee impactful ministries to serve orphans and widows, and train pastors to disciple new believers.

​“These are exciting times to be about the Father’s business,” Dr. Pete says. “And with a population of over 1.15 billion people in India alone, God has sent us out into a rich and rewarding field of harvest. Through the power of God, we continue to pray that 1 billion people would be transformed forever by the Gospel.”

​In addition to his extensive outreach through Matthew 10 Ministries, Dr. Pete continues his professional practice through Exodus Chiropractic in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he and his wife Stephanie live with their four sons, Isaiah, Eli, Ashton, and Ezekiel.